Lanigan & District Medical Clinic 

Welcome to the Lanigan & District Medical Clinic where we will be providing primary health care to the residents of Lanigan and surrounding areas once our new medical clinic opens. 

The Lanigan & District Medical Clinic is set up to house 2 Physicians and a Nurse Practitioner who will all be committed to providing high quality medical care to Lanigan and the surrounding regions.

Lanigan & District Medical Clinic will operate in a paperless environment by utilizing a secure electronic medical records system. 


That we as a Region agree to co-operatively and financially work together in partnership with the Saskatoon Health Region to establish:

- A Primary Health Care Team in Lanigan.

- Provide a Facility for the Team.

- Work together to establish a Health Services Plan for our Region.

With the needs of our patients in mind our goals will be clear: Provide accessible, accurate and dependable care with minimal wait time. We plan to maintain flexible hours of operation to fit people's busy schedules with the goal to add other health discipline services to the clinic.

About the Board of Directors:

We wanted to lead the way in helping Lanigan & surrounding areas improve health care quality by providing a clinic that satisfies the health requirements of the area. 

Our initiative efforts began by identifying the need for another medical clinic in the region. We then created a plan and promoted our efforts to the surrounding communities and to Potash Corp. - who were significant in seeing our plan become a reality. 

The Lanigan and District Medical Clinic is pleased to announce that they have hired Dr. Andy Mtambo, who started clinic hours on Monday, September 30, 2013.

Wanting to deliver health care with the primary focus on wellness, along with the prediction of growth in the area spurred us into action. After many meetings, promotional efforts, and generous donations, we are proud to say that our vision is close to completion.

Contact:  Jean MacDonald, Clinic Manager 
Phone:    306-365-1234
Fax:         306-365-9497

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