The following charge will apply at the gate for items brought to the Jansen Landfill:

Per Garbage Bag (regardless of size)   
½ of a ½ ton truck                
½ ton truck 
Metals (per item)     
$   1.00
$   7.00
$ 15.00
$ 20.00
$ 10.00
$ 10.00

Trees, Grass Clippings and UNTREATED lumber is FREE when placed on the burning pile. 

Treated and painted lumber is to be placed in a designate spot, away from the burning pile to reduce the possibility of accidental burning. This type of material will be charged in accordance to the above fee structure. 

There are no in and out privileges.  The above cost is per trip.

Hours of Operation:  Saturdays   
April 1 – October 31           8:00 – noon
November 1 – March 31          9:00 - noon

SINGLE-STREAM RECYCLING INFORMATION (bins located in the Village of Jansen by the tennis court).

This program was developed to assist the public in meeting municipal waste division goals: diverting material away from the landfills and into producing usable products, and possibly extending the length of time we can continue to use the current landfill.

Single-stream recycling is a system in which all recycle materials – fiber, plastics, tin and aluminum – are placed, unsorted, in one container and sorted at a processing plant.

You can recycle cardboard, boxboard, office paper, newsprint, junk mail, magazines and catalogues; also plastic containers, milk cartons and plastic milk jugs, shrink wrap and plastic bagsPlastics numbered 1 to 7 (no oil containers or chemical jugs).  Please remember to collapse cardboard boxes!
You can also recycle tin and aluminum cans
(cans must be clean, with or without labels – no steel or auto parts).


Javex Bottles
Laundry Soap Containers
Spot Remover Bottles
Plastic Hangers
Dry Cleaning Plastic Bags
Bleach Containers
Plastic Laundry Baskets


Shampoo Bottles
Body Wash Bottles
Conditioner Bottles
Plastic Hair Spray Bottles
Plastic Shaving Containers
Toilet Paper Cores
Tissue Boxes
Plastic Pill Bottles

* all items must be rinsed

Milk Jugs and Milk Cartons
Creamer Cartons & Bottles
Paper Egg Cartons
Soup, Vegetable & Other Food 
Aluminum and Tin Cans
Pie Tins
Plastic Juice Bottles
Juice Cans
Clean Food Wrap
Yogurt Containers
Salad Dressing Containers
Cereal Boxes
Plastic Grocery Bags
Pizza Boxes – Unsoiled
Plastic Cookie & Muffin


Office Paper
Plastic Wrappers
Catalogues, Phone Books
Sticky Notes, Scrap Paper
Plastic Bags
Cardboard Boxes Flattened
Plastic Wrapping, Paper Bags
Junk Mail, Magazines &

Glass, styrofoam, ceramics, light bulbs, soiled cardboard, hazardous chemical containers, scrap metal, car parts, plastic toys or household garbage.

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