Jansen Ladies Community Club

Please contact Roxanne to discuss catering your next social event.
Roxanne Schindel: 364-2134

The Jansen Ladies Community Club was formed May 14, 1953.

The first Officers were:
President: Emma Paetsch
Vice President: Helen Lemke
Secretary-Treasurer: Hannah Petrich

Thirteen ladies joined the Jansen Ladies Community Club by paying .25 cents. The Club is a non-profit organization that was formed for the purpose of catering local functions such as weddings, funeral lunches, fall suppers, auction sales, supper meetings, etc. All the work is volunteer and the profits go back into the local community. The Club lapsed December 1957 and was re-organized on June 15, 1965. The Club currently has a membership of a bout 95 members. The Club contributed to paying off the Community Center in 1995 and also helped with building of the bowling Alley.

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