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PRAIRIE ROSE MEMORIES, including the villages of Jansen and Esk Volume I & II are available to purchase as a set for $30.

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R.M. of Prairie Rose #309 Including the villages of Jansen and Esk Volume III

25 years later… Prairie Rose Memories

How often do you pull out the RM of Prairie Rose #309 history book to recall the past, complete a discussion, or to settle an argument? It hardly seems like it has been 25 years since our grandma and grandpa’s put together their memories and our moms and dads submitted their stories.

So it is time to catch up… where are you now?

It is with excitement that a crew of locals have decided it’s time to update the “Prairie Rose Memories” history books. 1990 was the first edition, so with not a lot of time, our goal is to have books in hand to you for the Village of Jansen’s Homecoming 2017. (June 30 to July 2, 2017)

We hope that everyone who lives (has lived) in the area will include their history. Only with your co-operation will this be possible. Remember this book will be read by your children, grandchildren and all future generations. So this is your opportunity to tell them who you are, where you went and what you did.

Please send us information such as your updated family stories (the last 25 years), photos, etc.. They will be returned to you if you send hardcopies but emails are also greatly appreciated. Interesting and amusing memories will be greatly appreciated. If your neighbours are new to the area, ask them if they would like to be included. As well, we have a facebook page “Prairie Rose Memories 2017” please like us and share the page with anyone you know has (or had) a link to the R.M. of Prairie Rose or Village of Jansen.

This is your opportunity to reserve your copy. As we plan to only order the number of books that have been pre-ordered this is your way to assure that you will have copies to pass on to your family.

This will be a hard cover book with hopes that it will seamlessly fit with Volumes I & II. Not being sure what to expect for response we are unsure of cost at this time.

The books will be sent to the publishers of the original set for printing and binding, ensuring a high quality finished product.

We ask that all stories and pictures be submitted quickly, to ensure your story will be included in the book.

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Excerpts from:
Prairie Rose Memories

R.M. of Prairie Rose #309 - Including the Villages of Jansen and Esk

Village of Jansen

Although our village was already in the making in 1907, the first four blocks were not surveyed until 1908, the survey registered in 1909 at the Humboldt Land Titles Office. Unfortunately, we have no village tax records for this time, our only information comes from family records and the Council Minute Book started in Jan. 1909 until the Tax Roll for 1916.

From the minutes we have learned that in 1907 or 1908, Frank W. Schroeder's store and the Pioneer Store were either here or among the first to be built. However in 1908 lumber was hauled from Lanigan by teams of oxen for J.A. Loeppky to build the Western Hotel (see hotel story).

Also at this time George Arnst arrived and built the first blacksmith shop (where John Kral Sr. house stands today). The Dawson store was moved in from the Prairie Rose district and although now torn down, we will remember it best as the Sunny Café. Fred Schroeder had a livery stable about where the Kinzel garage now stands. Dan Krause was drayman and Robert Graham was the R.M. and Village Secretary, his office being in a house located where the R.M. Office stands today.

The council meetings were held in the Western Hotel Parlour. At first the main concerns seemed to be the purchase of stationery and whether or not they could appoint a special constable if the need arose. By the March meeting the council duties began to take shape, sidewalks and the need to approach the Jansen Union Bank for a loan to make improvements were discussed..

(Continued in the Prairie Rose Memories History book. Please for purchasing information).

The Rural Municipality of Prairie Rose #309

The Rural Municipality of Prairie Rose #309, is situated approximately 90 miles north of Regina, west of #6 Highway or approximately 80 miles east of Saskatoon on #16 Highway. It is made up of 9 and a half townships. The present population of this municipality is 297.

The local Improvements District #309 held their first meeting January 10, 1910 . This L.I.D. had a population of 452 persons and contained 331 square miles and was later to be known as the R.M. of Prairie Rose #309. Mr. Dawson was the leader in forming the Rural Municipality at that time. The official vote to disband the L.I.D. and for the R.M. of Prairie Rose #309 was held on August 6 th , 1910 . Proposed names for the municipality were Prairie Rose, Deer Plain, Jansen, Hiawatha, Horton, Bieberdorf, and Haliburton. The name 'Prairie Rose' was chosen. This name was suggested by John Jansen, a homesteader, rancher and land agent in the district. This name was chosen because of the 'abundance' of prairie roses growing in the municipality at that time.

At the time of its inception, the south half of the municipality was prairie land, while the north half was covered by bush.

The R.M. of Prairie Rose #309 was incorporated in 1911, with the 1st meeting being held on January 7 th , 1911 , at Robert Graham's office in Jansen , Saskatchewan . Reeve E.G. Fisher presided, and councilors present were: R. Copeland, W. Smalley, George Postier, Fred Ceal, and William Davidson. Robert Graham was officially appointed as secretary-treasurer. Extracts from the first meeting follow..

(Continued in the Prairie Rose Memories History book. Please for purchasing information).

Hamlet of Esk

It was 1905 when many of the first homesteaders settled in what was to become the Esk district. A child's birth certificate from Jan. 1906, listed the district as Gartenland , N.W.T. , a translation of the German name would be Gardenland. The hamlet itself came into being on Nov. 1, 1909 . C.P.R. officials named the village after the river Esk, in Scotland , made famous by the poem "Young Lochinvar".

One of the first community structures was the Lutheran Church built in 1907, one mile east of where Esk was established on Sec. 12-33-21-W2. The first records available of people and businesses are of 1910. S. and R. Stewart had a store and later a pool room, Rudolf Bresch a boarding house and livery stable, R.J. Anderson a livery stable and a Mr. T. Edmundson a blacksmith shop and a hardware store.

The first Esk Post Office was opened in 1910 with R.E. Stewart as the Postmaster and located on Sec. 12-33-21-W2 as the records show.

In 1911, the Security Lumber Yard along with the I. Nore Café, and the Maple Leaf Elevator were built, with a Mr. Jim Ford as the first elevator agent. Some of these businesses kept changing hands. About 1914, the Baptist Church congregation was organized. In 1915, Ferdinand Schneider had a general store and the St. John Evangelical Church came into being. 1918 the second elevator was built by the Golden Grain Company, in 1920 this elevator was sold to the Goose Lake Grain Company. And also in 1918 the Abraham Mirochnik family took over the Schneider store. It was while they were in Esk that the big fire occurred. The story is that this came about when a son was measuring out some gasoline into a pail, for a customer, it being dark he lit a match to see, and this started the blaze..

(Continued in the Prairie Rose Memories History book. Please for purchasing information).


History of Jansen
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