Jansen Community Christmas Program
December 22, 2005

On December 22, 2005, the Jansen Kinettes held their annual Community Christmas Concert. We were entertained by many local talents - singing, playing piano and putting on a short skit for us. The evening was completed by Santa Claus showing up to listen to the children's Christmas wishes and to hand out bags of treats for the children. The event was a huge success, and enjoyed by all.

What a "beautiful marriage of song and dance" were Pastor Mark's comment's on one performance. Indeed it was, the entire evening was a wonderful mixture of superb talent, interesting historic stories, great community spirit and some good laughs.

Just before Santa arrived we were treated to a lively video of the Jansen Centennial Parade on Canada Day. As soon as Santa sat down, there was barely a moments rest before the first child shyly climbed on Santa's knee, then the whole crowd of kids came to share their important wishes with Santa.

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